Burnham Edgar Neal died this past Thursday at his home in Mattoon Illinois.

Burnham would have celebrated his ninetieth birthday next month.

He was a philanthropist, a humanitarian and a businessman.  More importantly, he was a good man who cared about people.

To me, first and foremost he was a father. A man who loved and cared for his wife Nancy (who passed away in December of 2006), his daughter Melissa (my partner in life), his two grandsons Sean and David, his family and friends… and his dog Fred, who died next to him.

Melissa and I are busy trying to write an obituary for her father , but taking a lifetime of accomplishments and love and putting it into a few column inches is hard; to try to say so much with so few words seems somehow inadequate.

For now and for always; We love you, Burnham, and we will miss you.