As I noted on my tumblr Blog is morning, it’s been a bad week for commercial cloud computing.

Portions of Amazon’s  EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute)  service have been down  since yesterday, incapacitating a number of Web services. Among them, Publishers Weekly is down, as is The Office of Letters and Light NANOWRIMO site, which is why you’re seeing ‘image’ or ‘content’ unavailable messages on this Blog site.

Cloud computing and the technology behind it is still evolving. While some, notably commercial retailers and web-based media services, are early adopters, there are many who are still skeptical of the state of the technology.

There has been significant recent negative media coverage regarding the privacy and security, or lack thereof, of cloud-computing service providers and the data their users store with them. Whether that will translate to losses for eCommerce sites remains to be seen, but the obvious concerns over stability and security of provider-based systems is and will remain to haunt the industry for the foreseeable future.