Rule Number Two: Redundancy in the data-centre is a necessity.

Rule Number Three: Redundancy in the home is a luxury.

We woke to no internet today. The router went down, taking our Internet and IPTV (television over internet) with it,  thanks to a flakey ‘made in china’ 19 vdc 700ma power supply dongle, which one cannot find a replacement for most days, and especially not on any given Sunday…

But of course it would have to be Superbowl Sunday !

… thereby forcing us to miss what was probably one of the best football games I’ll never see.

Go Packers !!!

Instead, I spent the better part of the afternoon rummaging through the spares bins for a replacement. I finally dug up a three year old ADSL router that I assumed …

Rule number one: Never Assume!

… Um, I meant thought might work.

I then proceeded to discover that the router configuration backs itself up to the hard drive inside the IPTV box, and without the ADSL channel connection I can’t access the drive, because the box won’t boot without it.

Thanks a heap.

With nothing but an old config file to work from, it took me the better part of the evening to guess-timate the equivalent settings for their back end to talk to my hardware.

Well, we’re up and limping, but I still don’t have IPTV service.

Reminder to self for tomorrow: Beg, borrow, steal or purchase another dongle or two and a couple of spare routers, get a hard-copy print of the configuration files and set up a redundant connection… and connect them to the UPS box.

… and delete rule number three.