Words and their meanings are important.

I bring this up because I’ve heard and read writers tossing about the phrase “Indie” lately, as in “I’m an Indie writer.”

I’m Sorry? Say What?

To me, “Indie” means an “independently owned and operated brick & mortar”business. It can be any size business and their product can be anything; books, clothier, deli, restaurant, mechanic, hardware, etc…

It doesn’t mean that the bookstore prints all the books it sells or that the clothier makes all their own cloth.




In regard to our chosen “craft” –

An “Indie” publisher doesn’t have to be a large press, but it does need to have the same capabilities and offer the same services they do… even if it is scaled down. I won’t join the debate over large/small press issues here and now.

As to authors, we’re all Independent. We write; whether it is the only thing we do depends upon how successful (or rich) we are. We may or may not have or use an agent or be solely published by one “house.”

But unless we’re supported by a staff of under-writers and researchers and editors, we are independent… not Indie.

Besides, I fail to see how a writer can be an ‘independently owned and operated brick & mortar business’… which is, after all, the accepted definition in our industry of the term “Indie.”