Authors write to entertain, to inform, and to make us think. Writing, regardless of whether it is for a newspaper, a book, magazine or even a web-based column… is a serious business.

Even when we’re trying to elicit a laugh, it’s hard work. Unlike the stand up comedian, we don’t have the luxury of being paid to stand before a live target audience to test new material against before we send our manuscripts off with love and prayers to our agents and editors.

Children’s book writers have it even worse. Even if  editors and publishers like the story and it actually makes it into print, there’s no telling just how well the book will do with the children… the young people they actually write for, because there’s always an issue.

Sometimes it’s real, sometimes it’s only perceived,  but all too often it’s because of the moral minority who get their thoughts and marching orders from psuedo-religious organisations run by bigoted, homophobic zealots who would be dictators.. or worse.

What follows is a link to an article from the School Library Journal entitled;

How I Corrupted America’s Youth: Getting angry letters is no laughing matter—and the same goes for censorship.

It was written by Dan Gutman, humorist and author of Mr. Granite Is from Another Planet and other stories guaranteed to make even the most recalcitrant student smile… and maybe even read a book?

Illustration by Jim Paillot.