Everywhere you look you can find loose or missing thingamabob’s. I’m amazed someone hasn’t patented a universal replacement thingamabob, although I must admit there are more dohickeys and whatchamacallits than anyone knows what to do with.

So, today our column is dedicated to, of course: Thingamabobs.

First, from 1915 comes Amalgamated Thingamabob

Next, from WWII, Gracie Fields sings The Thing-Ummy-Bob (Thats Going To Win The War)


Pardon me, but I’ve just been told that  The dingle hopper is loose or the thingamabob just fell off… over at CarolBrowne


From there we turn to the literary world for poetry by Colin Fiat of Australia

The Thingamabob

I went to speak with whatshisname,
About my new doohickey;
And how the silly gizmo came,
Without that paper thingy.

He showed me how the doodad fits,
Into the little jigger;
Explaining how the other bits,
Were made for something bigger.

The thingummy was working fine,
When whatsherface came visit;
She sees these gadgets all the time,
But still asked me, “What is it?”


Tanku Tanku, The Loverly Lenon … oops. Wrong channel.


And now to It Takes a Thief and an episode titled The Thingamabob Heist


…and last, but not least, The Real Group brings us to a close with The Thingamabob Song

Have a wonderful weekend.