“‘And there was a plague upon the land,” said Ernie, “‘And on that day it rained frogs.’”

“You’ve already read that bit,” said Clarence.

“Oh. ‘And on that day there was a plague of locusts.’”

“You’ve done them too.”

“Oh…. And on that day the people were visited by a host of ducks.”


Fire-breathing ducks.”



“There were fire-breathing ducks in last night’s story.”

“Those weren’t ducks. They were chartered accountants… fire-breathing chartered accountants.”

“Oh. Okay. So that’s why they were doing people’s taxes.”

“And then setting fire to them, yes.”

The preceding gem comes from ‘If You Enjoyed This Story’, by Sarah Totton

It was published in Tales of the Unanticipated , a delightfully entertaining collection of stories written by some truly surprising talents.