Circlet Press is spreading it’s annual holiday cheer.  From December 1st to 25th they will be posting a new erotic science fiction or erotic fantasy story every day, just for a day.

It’s their version of an advent calendar, where you get a little something sweet every day while you count down to the big holiday of love and joy. At Circlet, love & joy = erotic stories, of course!

The stories are like Circlet Press itself, varied, some gay, some lesbian, some het, some kinky, some genderqueer, some more difficult to categorize than that. The main thing is there’s a new one each day appearing around 1am Eastern US time, and then the old one disappears around the same time, so people are encouraged to come back again and again.

Please drop by and sample the free sweetness, and if you are so inclined, please pass the word in your own blogs & social media. It’s a party that everyone is invited to.