What follows is a true story. Only the names have been withheld.

Awhile back, in a certain not-quite backwater part of a certain midwestern state, there was a case of a corrupt judge who stole, on a grand scale, from an estate he was supposed to be trustee of. Eventually, the judge was caught out and went to jail, and a number of his co-conspirators, among them lawyers and bankers and accountants, found themselves facing charges as well.

Sadly, because of the length of the judges trial, by the time the other charges could be filed and brought… and after much purposeful delay by the defendants and their council, the time allowed for recourse by the family members to pursue justice had expired, and the courts had no recourse but to dismiss them.

It does not make them less guilty… only lucky.


Well, the as one might suspect, they weren’t letting the grass grow under their feet. Several of those same defendants and their legal representatives are at it again, only this time in another county, and with a different victim.


The ‘game’ started back in 2004 when the victim was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and his wife was already severely, terminally ill. As the couples ability to function decreased, the pressure to sign various ‘documents,’ the nature of which remained unclear until early last year, increased. At stake apparently was the removal of the only child of the couple, their daughter, from both their wills and as their legal heir.

Documents designed to remove the daughter from both her fathers will and as a legal heir of the estate began to pop up shortly after the wife’s funeral. This was followed by an unprecedented sixteen month probate of what turned out to be and still remains, an extremely questionable will supposedly written by her mother.

What is curious is that even before the mothers death, the ‘accountant’ was telling people all over town that the daughter was going to be very unhappy when she discovered she was no longer in her parents wills.

A property left in trust to the daughter under the terms of the estate of her grandmother, was purposely badly mismanaged, underfunded and the maintenance left deferred for over a year before it was transferred to the heir by the same accountant. A working capital account, recorded in the formal accounts of the complex, suddenly ‘dried up’ … its “assets payable to the estate of the deceased” … when according to the terms of the trust, the property and it’s income and assets were supposed to have been transferred to the daughter some five years earlier.

“That’s not the way ‘we’ interpreted it,” was the accountants indifferent reply.

Many of these questionable documents the victim was urged to sign originated in the office of “the accountant”, who according to the fathers attorney was “just an employee detailed to assist in handling the elder mans daily financial affairs”… because the attorney did not understand the issues… making “just an employee” trustee of the victims assets and properties.

Just like a typical bond villain, who can’t resist boasting and daring anyone to stop them, “just an employee” was suddenly going around to the elder mans business offices and making a great deal of noise about how she ‘ran things’ at the accounting firm, and how she was ‘shredding documents’ so that questions couldn’t be asked …

In 2008, the victim asked his daughter to help him find out what was happening to his money. They visited a different attorney, changed his power of attorney to his daughter and proceeded to fire both ‘the accountant,’ the firm she worked for, and his old attorney.

They retaliated by withholding his accounts and documents and dogged the victim day and night for over two weeks until he was coerced into changing his POA to two old men who are cronies of the old attorney… and shortly thereafter the attorney that father and daughter had gone to suddenly ‘retired’ from practice.

Suddenly, “just an employee” was sitting on corporate boards in place of the victim, and was soon passing numerous documents to the attorney, who was, under the pretence of their long friendship, coercing the victim into signing.

The daughter, seeing no other recourse, filed for guardianship of her ailing father, and the inevitable delaying tactics took hold until finally an evaluation was ordered of the fathers mental status. All might have gone well but for an inept physician and the corrupting influence of the victims attorney. The daughter fought it and the judge agreed.

The results of the new evaluation is pending, but meanwhile, “just an employee” is refusing to release the daughters trust funds and is attempting to use withholding her funds as a way to coerce and delay the daughter, just as she did to the father, in order to force the events to follow to be delayed into next year. By that time, they will have stolen the victims business from under him, and given the victims current health, it is doubtful he will last the year… and then the heir will be left with nothing.

…. and Yes, you guessed it. “Just an Employee” is our old friend Livia.

There’s more to be told, so stay tuned.