Most fans of fiction know about Livia, from Robert Graves’s “I, Claudius.”  She was the scheming Roman Empress who calmly plotted, murdered, and poisoned her way through eight or nine relatives to ensure that her son became the next Emperor. Cold, amoral, ruthless, and detestable… but at least the woman had style.

Unfortunately, it is really is hard to admire Livia when you’re facing someone just like her in real life. The only  difference is that this one has no style.

There is a good-old-boy social network in a certain midwestern town that pretty much run things… which includes twisting and or breaking and ignoring the law when they feel like it. Most of the judges and attorneys are either in their pockets, or they’re part of ‘the club.’

… and somehow, our Livia has managed to put her hooks into several of them, and is getting them to dance to her tune.

Like Livia, this one is not above doing anything to achieve her goals.

She is methodically stripping a family, who never did a thing to her except offer her support… of it’s fortune, its dignity and its sanity. She is destroying an old man with Alzheimer’s disease and using the mans own lawyers to help her destroy and steal from the family… by playing them one against the other.

Sadly, in the end, they will most likely find themselves as mentally and emotionally broken as his daughter, the only one who has been putting up a fight to protect her father. They will wind up with nothing… and wonder how it happened.

When this is all over I’m going to write it up, publish it and give copies of the book away  all over town.

I thought at first to fictionalise the place and use different names… but the personalities, attitudes and ‘voices’ would be them… every stinking last one of ’em… but the more I see, the stranger it gets… and now I’m not so sure (about fictionalising it).

I’ve never written a true crime novel. This may be my first.

Stay tuned.