“Private opinion creates public opinion. That is why private opinion, and private behavior, and private conversation are so terrifyingly important.” – Jan Struther, English poet (1901-1953).

There is a lot of noise and debate about the proposed Google Book Settlement. On one side we have Google, with the Author’s Guild and American Association of Publishers.

On the other we have the Open Book Alliance, the Open Content Alliance, and everyone else… writers, agents, independent book store owners, and on and on goes the list.

To understand the disagreement, you have to understand that the Authors Guild and the American Association of Publishers represent only a small cross section of the industry, and a small percentage of it at that. Neither represent authors or industry members in other countries.

… and no other country is considering amending their copyright laws.

Only in the USA is Google attempting to force a change favourable to themselves in this regard.

Part of my problem with it lies in the fact that the agreement is deeply convoluted (read the 350 pages for yourself), and in the long term benefits only Google.

The other part of my problem with it is the fact that they tried to accomplish this by using the federal court system, which is an intentional attempt to bypass the Congress of the United States; the only governing body that has the right to change or amend the laws of the country.

Believe and choose as you will, but my vote is NO to Google.

I encourage the courts and congress to say NO as well.