… and now, The latest on the Amazon Dot Com debacle

First they said it was their new policy. Then they said it was a glitch.

In this, the latest round of ‘Who’s On first’ at Amazon, they are now blaming a French systems programmer for allegedly sloppy code that caused the SNAFU that caused the “Gay Words”  Book Ban on all of their on-line catalogues.

Pardon my Gesundheit.

Every systems programmer, manager, systems engineer and database programmer knows that you do not make changes to a ‘live’ version of a system, database, catalogue, etc… without first thoroughly testing it on a backup copy of the live system.

The keyword here is thorough … testing of all combinations and permutations of possible searches, and the verification thatthe master dataset is in no way corrupted or modified by the implemented change.

So please, do not ask me to believe that they decided to roll in an untested global change over the Easter Weekend .

I own horses that are smarter than that.