Sunday, 27 January, 2008

To my Dear Friends;If you’re wondering why you’ve not heard from me or your messages are bouncing, I hope you’re reading this blog.Earthlink apparently took a universal powder this weekend. Not only could I not get to my e-mail, but none of their web addresses were responding, and forget trying to ‘ping’ any of their servers. There were none to be found anywhere.

Monday update.

Remarkably, this morning all services were back on-line without a single comment as to what the reason might have been. Sadly, this seems to be common business practice amongst both ISP’s and backbone service providers. “Let’s not let on that we’re having problems” only succeeds in undermining the confidence of customers…. and unfortunately this is becoming a somewhat universal practice.

There are any number of workgroup application and messaging ASP’s (Application Service Providers) who are just as guilty as the Internet Service Providers in this regard.Support staff cuts made to reduce overhead may succeed in showing (false) profitability increases but do little in the long run to serve the needs of the client base, but they don’t seem to learn from the lessons of others.