It’s funny how my car always seems to need extra parts around the time my mechanic needs to make a boat payment… just kidding guys.

Well, now the writers guild is on strike. As an author I should be sympathetic to their plight but I’ve honestly got mixed feelings about it.My first reaction was “maybe while those who get paid for writing the drivel that we see and hear on the tube are out on the picket line someone will realise that there are other forms of entertainment and I don’t mean video games that do not require sitting in front of a tube or a box or even a flat panel display…

Who knows… families might find out what it’s like to talk to each other again. Maybe they’ll go out and ride a bicycle or go for a walk or even ride or walk to their local library or bookstore and pick up a book to read.

On the other hand…Authors work hard at their craft and they like being appreciated for what they produce even though most don’t get rich from it. If they’re really lucky they are able to pay the bills and buy the groceries without commuting 3 hours a day to work at a full-time job… and then try to squeeze family time and working at their craft into the scant few hours left in the day.

So while the screenwriters guild haggles over DVD residuals, do yourself a favour.Go visit a bookstore or a library and pick up a book by someone who isn’t a television or motion picture star.