Leopard is out of the box at last… and all I’ve read is the griping about things that don’t work the same way as they used to… or this or that is broken… or that their 3rd party software doesn’t work. Leopard is the greatest yet of Apple’s OS-X… and yes, there are some bugs and third party problems and yes… Apple could have gotten a pre-release of the so-called “Gold-Master” to their developer community at bit ahead of the release date… … but these gripes come from the very same people who stood in line for hours to get a copy so they could be the first to install it on their Mac’s. …and instead of checking with their 3rd party vendors for availability dates and planning their upgrades so that they could roll back to the previous version, they all hit “UPGRADE” and sat back.In military maintenance parlance, this would be referred to as Operator Error. Personally, I think that when the animal is smarter and better behaved than the human it’s called a “Stupid Human Trick.”   apple.jpg