Thanks to one of my favourie tech bloggers, Robert X Cringley at Infoworld for this article.

More than 6,000 years after the universe was created, a museum dedicated to that glorious event has finally arrived. The Creation Museum opened its doors last Monday, bringing 4000 eager faithful back to the days when Man and dinosaurs lived in harmony.

Located just outside Cincinnati, the 60,000-square foot building features dioramas of Adam, Eve, and their Old Testament homies, along with amniotronic brachiosaurs and a life-sized recreation of Noah’s Ark. Did you know that the great flood carved out the Grand Canyon in just 8 minutes? These and other truly amazing science facts can be had for a $20 ticket.

Other exhibits caution against falling for pseudo-science claptrap about the earth being 4.5 billion years old, and warn secularists that belief in evolution leads directly to surfing Internet porn. But I bet you knew that already.

The museum’s creators, an outfit called Answers in Genesis, have spent $27 million to prove Darwin wrong. They’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The great naturalist believed all humans evolved from lower species. Clearly evolution is a lot more selective than that.