I apologise up front to any fellow Wiccans who read this post, but I can’t help being amused by the notice that the only Witch School in the United States is, or rather was, on the eBay auction block until someone ‘magycked’ the account.

The school itself, in downtown Hoopeston, Illinois is also up for sale. Apparently, the natives weren’t comortable about the idea that the equivalent of “Hogwarts” had come to the corn belt. Apparently they’re afraid they’d get turned into toads or some-such nonsense.


What really made me pay attention to this in the first place wasn’t corn-belter’s concerns over witches on the loose in downtown Hoopsetown. What made me pay attention was the back-stabbing politics and greed exhibited by some of the so-called leaders of Wicca over the ownership and operation of the school.

Bad form!

If we really wish people to understand Wicca and take us seriously, perhaps it might do to not behave like some of the other leaders of those so-called ‘legitimate’ faiths and act like you’re only in it for the bucks and the bimbo’s.