The problem with books is: There are too many books and too little time to read them all.

… although to be fair about it, there are a lot of books I will never read simply because I have no interest in the topic… but then there are books I want to read and can’t find because they’re out of print.

Or are they?

An authour friend has a book that, according to one of the “Big Three” book store chains is “out of print.” Really? Not according to the publisher, and not according to the other two of the Big Three chain stores either.

… and not according to their on-line store. Well, one of their on-line stores anyway.

But their nation-wide in-store inventory system says it is out of print, and so to prove the point they returned hundreds of copies of the books to the publisher in the original cartons… unopened and untouched saved for the dust in the stockrooms of their stores, all because their invenytory system says so.

Another author that I regard highly has a similar problem… not with the stores but with her publisher. People write to the book publishing companies asking for the authors books… so the demand is there… but because the editor made an ‘editorial decision’ and said no, they’d rather loose the revenue than change their mind… but then ‘hold the option’ so that the author cannot take the story elsewhere.

The more I learn about publishing companies and editors, the more I think maybe a friend of mine has the right of it (about zombies and alligators, that is.)

Follow the link above and find out for yourself.