images-2.jpg I’ve loved music since before I could walk. I grew up in a house where almost everyone played an instrument (except my grandfather… who said he played on the floor and did that count?… har har) in a time when the Big Bands were really Swinging. I also learned to love symphonic music and the symphony orchestras, opera and the ballet.

Too tall for tap shoes they said. [SIGH…]

When I was very small I sat down in front of a piano keyboard and found out that I could make music… just not as well as others I’d heard. As I grew up I picked up an instrument that I was much better on (french horn), and finally one that seemed truly suited to me (trumpet).

I wanted to be professional musician but I found out I’d be able to pay the bills better as a physician or an engineer… or both. I still play, all these many years later. I’m no competition to the pro’s, but I get by, and from time to time I even get a gig or two.

I still love the big band sound but I love jazz… and piano jazz is still my favourite. I love listening to good piano jazz musicians like Marian McPartland. and her guests on NPR’s Piano Jazz programme.

One jazz pianist in particular is near and dear to me, not only as an artist but also as a friend. Her Name is Jessica Willians, and if you’ve not heard her music then you’ve missed something special.


If you’ve got a fair voice, like to sing and happen to be in the Lake Merrit area of Oakland, California, drop in on one of my favourite piano players, Mr. Rodney Dibble… appearing nightly at The Alley. You might even learn a few lyrics you never knew.

Tell him Dr.Gwen says hello and sends her love.