Why do people blog? Lot’s of reasons, though I suspect that it is not simply to have a web presence. Most people have something to say, and Blog’s allow them to say it… anonymously, so they do.

So, how to explain this blog?

I am a voracious reader… of books of almost all genre’s and categories.

Two notable exceptions… The first are self-help books.

As Craig Fergusen said during his monolgue: Self help books are pointless. Here’s something for you… Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and self help books are from Uranus.

That’s my attitude toward them as well.

I also don’t read motorcycle repair manuals… and No, not because I’m female, but because I don’t own a motorcycle.. any longer. In my early twenties I owned a Harley H.O.G… and they really were. ‘Nuf said.

I also read a lot of professional books related to medicine and/or EECS Engineering, but I won’t be making too many comments about them here.

But lately I have become a voracious reader of ‘content’, which is how I classify most BLOG’s, though there are exceptions to that rule.

What? (Question from the peanut gallery…) Absolutely not!

Don’t wait for me to tell you what blog’s I think are exceptions to the rule. You’ll have to find them on your own, though from time to time I may add one or two to the Blogroll on my home page.

So… what was the question? Oh yes, why another Blog?

From time to time I come across items that I find interesting, absurd, truly gut-wretchingly funny… (can you relate to the ROTFLOLWMP kind of funny?) or the seriously twisted bit of content that I think deserves being spotlighted (Yes, I am a Mac User, and proud of it) or commented upon.

… and this is my place to do it.

… and Yes! I was a big fan of the late, lamented and sadly missed SF Chronicle columnist, Herb Caen. Three DOT Journalism at it’s finest. (May he rest in peace and not roll over in his grave over my use, or abuse of his trademark.)

… and at last, the real reason for this blog.

I believe, with all my heart that there are three things we should do each and every day of our lives;

1) Learn Something New: It doesn’t have to be important, and it might be that you’ll forget it not long after you learn it… though chances are that you will remember, and most probably find a use for it.

Sooner than you think.

2)Laugh: Laughter really is good medicine, and this doctor does get her daily dose. It might be a really funny dirty joke, an absurd situation involving a surgical resident and a patient who is much smarter than the resident, or simply a funny story.

The aural tradition of story telling is important, and one that we must protect and teach. In fact, we should teach it in school. It prepares us for many things in life, from telling stories to our children to making presentations at boards meetings… and for teaching others.

…and if you can squeeze in a few good chuckles along the way, so much the better.

3) Last, but hardly the least: Perform a random act of kindness each and every day.

It might be simply having an extra penny when someone ahead of you in the checkout line needs one or helping someone elderly and infirm with a task (like shoveling the snow from their driveway without being expected to be paid for it)…

No specifics… simply do it and disappear. Don’t wait to be thanked or to make sure that the person you did something for knows that you did it.

I promise you’ll feel much better inside.


“The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever.”
Herb Caen