My friend Rich is dead, but his ghost and the memories are very much alive and
will always be with me.

He died on January 2nd of Pancreatic Cancer, not quite two months after being
diagnosed with the disease. I missed his memorial…. so this is to remember a
friend and to commemorate a life well and truly lived.

(… Insert Deity of your choice here…) only knows what even greater accomplishments
he might have made had he lived longer.

Strangely I think somehow that he will be a participant in that future. He’s
probably up there in heaven’s engineering lab working on a solution to the

Those, like myself, who knew A. Richard Newton, Dean of UC Berkeley’s School
of Engineering will remember and celebrate his life, his achievements and his

He was a man of vision… and he had the will and drive to see them come to fruition.

Rich touched many lives over the years and we have all been the better for it.

He will be sadly missed.